Federal Contracts Administration System

The objective of the FCAS Framework is to establish a seamless contract administration process for all federal government contracts that will achieve the best possible value for money with due regard to integrity,documentation, efficiency, speed, performance and regulatory compliance.

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Principal Components of the system

Electronic Contract Administration System

All contracts entered into by MDAs on behalf of the Federal Government are to be vetted and reviewed by the Solicitors’ Department of the FMOJ. Pursuant to the PPA and rules on public procurement, all contracts valued at N100,000,000 and above are to be escalated to the Federal Executive Council (FEC) for approval/ no objection. These contracts are usually of high value, high risk and oftentimes, high complexity and should be managed and monitored with a high sense of responsibility

Post Award Contract Administration System

A post-award administration system is crucial to the successful implementation/completion of contracts. At the project kick-off stage, after the execution of the contract document, the executed contract, and its accompanying documents (Contract Registration Form, PACAF, Risk management form etc) are uploaded on the eFCAS by the MDA’s LA not later than two days after the contract execution. The hard copy documents shall be submitted at the FMOJ and a file opened for the contract administration. A unique eFCAS No shall be generated for every contract registered in the system. The open file shall also have written on it the unique eFCAS No for ease of tracking.

Contract Monitoring

In contracting, the kind of contractor poses a lot of risk to the contract process. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that the contractor is reviewed before choosing. The FCAS gives a platform where the profile and capabilities of specific project contractors are available to the MDAs. In the contractor performance evaluation process, the following are considered: - The area of expertise of the contractor - The capabilities of the contractor are accessed - Rate of performance and effectiveness in previous projects executed - Consistency in value and organisation


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